On-Page SEO Tips For Plumbers

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In this article below you were going to learn how to do on page SEO for your plumbing company’s website. these are important on page tips that you must apply to each of your services on your website. The goal is to optimize each and every single page you want ranking in Google.

These tips are what I use everyday when optimizing websites. These factors will help increase ranking in Google, will help deliver more traffic to your website and your pages, and will help with overall visibility for your entire plumbing company online helping people find you when needing a plumber in their area.

I see so many plumbing company websites that are horribly under optimized. If you’re looking to improve your marketing game online for your plumbing company these tips will help.

I’ve included 14 on page factors that you can apply below:

1. Start your title tags with that page’s keyword. Make sure that each of your services is listed on its own page. That optimize each of both pages. Do not want to have a list of services all on one page. This is incorrect.

2. Avoid ugly URLs – if you are using WordPress keep your URLs short and lightly sprinkled with keywords. Refer to the info graphic below to get a better visual on using SEO friendly URLs.

3. Wrap your keywords in H1, H2, H3, Alt tags. The majority of websites use WordPress as their CMS and allow you to do this is.

4. Insert your keywords within the first 100 words of your article. If you’re optimizing one of your pages, let’s say your water heater repair service page. Ensure you sprinkle in the keyword “water heater repair” throughout the copy but also for freedom itself and use alternate keywords such as “we fix water heaters” , “water heater plumbers”, etc….

5. Make sure your website is mobile friendly – today the pain of what CMS used to design your website a majority of them automatically create mobile friendly style websites. This allows your website to display properly across different screens such as a tablet and phones. Google has recently penalized websites that do not comply with this. Below the Google allows you to view the website to determine if it’s properly optimized for mobile.

6. Use outbound links in your copy. This can be very discreet as we don’t want people leaving your website so it’s best to link to an authoritative website on the very bottom of the article or making the text link discrete.

7. Internal linking to your website also helps. On page factors are things that we can control and adding internal links to another service page on your website but using that pages keyword as the anchor text. For example if you offer “slab repair” use that exact anchor text when to that page.

8. Ensure your website loads of fast. You want to aim at having your webpages load up in under 3 seconds. If you are using WordPress search for plug-ins that allow you to optimize this. There are many image compression plug-ins that you can also use. This is something that Google has publicly stated. Not like slow loading websites.

9. Sprinkle LSI keywords throughout the body and content of the page. LSI keywords are synonyms that Google uses to determine a page’s relevancy. You definitely do not want to keyword stuff your website and over optimize it incorrectly. Doing so will harm your websites ranking and SEO. There is no exact ratio to use however just right naturally in different related keywords you may want throughout your webpage. Also aim to write at least a minimum 500 words per article or per page.

9. Insert multimedia if you can – as a plumber best way to utilize YouTube is to teach and show potential customers what exactly the problem is, why it happened and how to fix it.

10. Use social sharing buttons on each of your pages – this helps customers share your website across social media more easily.

On page SEO tips for plumbing companies. How to do SEO for plumbers.


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