Recommend WordPress Plugins for Plumbing Websites

WordPress today is perhaps the most popular CMS (content management software) out on the web for building websites.

Chances are your website is running on WordPress.

It’s easy to use, easy to install and set up. Plus WordPress is free. Many hosting providers today make it easy to install WP. Even though WordPress is very popular it’s far from perfect. Hackers love to stumble upon holes and leaks inside the WordPress files and plugins it uses. Once they get into your site they can cause damage to your website and even bring it down.

This can definitely hurt your business when you have it running smooth and delivering you business from it.

In the past, I’ve ran into issues like this. Today I wanted to do a quick post about security and keeping your website up and running well. Nothing sucks more than having a website down or even attacked to the point of no return. In addition to other popular plugins that will help your website in the long run.

Once you set up your website fully running you want to install some specific plugins for security.

Remember plugins are free with WordPress.

Once you login to your admin section in your website go to PLUGINS > ADD NEW. From here you can search for specific plugins by names.

Here are 5 recommended plugins you want added to your website:

1: All In One WP Security & Firewall

This free plugin is a must have security plugin that monitors your website for malware attacks, login security hacks, multiple logins and more.  I love this plugin and have it installed on all of my websites. I love it’s dashboard because it displays a gauge that shows you how secure your site is using it. It’s features are easy to understand and apply.

2. Backup Guard

There are many ways to back up your website. Typically hosting service providers have their own ways of backing up your database in case of emergency. I learned the hard way. Backing up your website once complete is a must.  I’d recommend backing up your website at least once a month.

Backing up your site also can be set up automatically without you having to manually do it each time. Use this plugin or use your hosting service providers recommendation on backing up your site. What’s the point in doing this? If your website was to be attacked or hit by malware (a type of virus) your site’s files could be infected within and the only way to get your website back up would be with a clean fresh new install of WordPress.

If a backup was never done, you could have never loaded up the previous version of your website.  You’d have to start from scratch all over. A real pain in the ass.  In short, set it up to back your database files once a month.

3. Call Now Button

This WordPress plugin isn’t a security plugin. It’s more of a conversion plugin that helps customers call you fast from their phones. A little off track however this plugin works good and must be installed. As I stated before mobile search is skyrocketing past desktop internet usage.

People more and more are using their phones to go online. This plugins simply makes calling you a breeze by installing a phone icon on the screen of your phone when you land on your website.  This makes it easy for customers to call you by tapping the phone icon and calling you instantly.

4. All In One Rich Snippets

Schema helps with local SEO.  Schema is basically nerdy talk to the search engines. It tells them about your website, what you do, who you are, etc. For plumbing this is definitely important for showing search engines what your business is about and where you are located.

5. All In One SEO Pack

This plugins help with SEO purposes. It allows you to easily edit and customize meta tags on each of your pages. This will help you optimize each page with keywords in the appropriate section.

I will update this page overtime with new version and plugins for you. If your running WordPress (most likely you are) on your website you want to do your best in keeping your site up and running while converting traffic into customers.


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