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We help plumbers get more clients, customers and leads online without you having to do it yourself.

Welcome to — The “Do it for you” online marketing service that works exclusively with plumbing companies.


My name is Steven Cortez, a digital marketing expert with 15+ years in online experience.

I specialize in helping plumbing companies grow and reach more customers online with their business. Helping with SEO, PPC, social media and powerful traffic channels online for plumbers.  I am very passionate about marketing online. I live and breathe internet marketing daily. I love helping businesses grow online and showing them the power of what the internet can do.

I don’t need to explain how big the internet is grown over the past years and continues to rise well beyond typical old school marketing channels such as radio, magazine and TV. Being able to directly reach a customer in Google when they search for a plumber or for a plumbing service in their city is powerful.

A plumbing friend of mine was leaving a plumbing company he worked at for years to start his own. He came to me because he knew I knew about marketing online.  I since then have him his business grow online.

During the process of helping him I saw tons of plumbing companies that needed help online. Many of these plumbing companies had horrible non-converting visitor-to-customer websites, they didn’t rank in search engines, they didn’t know how to write sales copy, they didn’t know what marketing channels were the best for plumbing, they wasted $1000’s of dollars month after month with Adwords…Overall they didn’t know online marketing and that’s when I started

I’m talking about about consistent new customers around the clock. Continual consistent new customers finding your plumbing business and hiring you.

If you’ve had success in the past with the Yellow pages than having your plumbing business in a position online where your in front of customers everyday will blow the yellow pages away 100x.  Many plumbing companies just don’t realize it because they’ve haven’t had direction or assistance in getting there.

If you want to grow your plumbing business than marketing yourself beyond the yellow pages is a must.

Patrick –a plumbing friend of mine who’s a Journeyman agreed with me in a recent conversation we were having and said to me  — “Do you really think Tom and Jane living in those million dollar homes are going straight to the Yellow pages book to get look for a plumber? Hell no — They’re searching on their smart phones and ipads in the search engines for one.”

And he’s right.

Many (or should I say a majority) of plumbing companies don’t know squat about marketing online but yet don’t know to go or what to do or where to start when it comes to marketing their plumbing business. is designed to help plumbers grow online by helping them understand how and where to market their business online.


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