5 Traffic Sources for Reaching More Customers And Getting More Calls for Plumbing Companies.

When it comes to reaching new customers on the Internet for your plumbing business you need one main ingredient.

And that’s to get traffic or to be in front of traffic at all times.

Or to be more specific — targeted traffic, people that are in search of what you have to offer. If you can’t get in front of those people they don’t know you exist.

Everyday people are looking on the Internet and searching for what you have to offer and those results on the first page of Google and other search engines are the winners and take a majority of those customers every day from your business.

While this article is not just about SEO and ranking high in Google but also using other powerful big traffic channels and leveraging them for your plumbing business. Big traffic channels such as craigslist, paid traffic, organic traffic, social media and top review websites.

Focusing on these top traffic channels are all you need for marketing your plumbing business online and for getting a flood of new calls and traffic from people needing a plumber in their area.

1) When comes to ranking organically in Google having your plumbing website’s on-page optimization is important. On-page optimization helps tell google what your website is all about and how to rank it accordingly in Google.

Don’t over optimize your site as it’s easy to do and will instantly kill any possible rankings for your site.

2) Using paid search traffic such as Adwords or Bing.

If you want instant page 1 results paid ads are great to run however I’d seriously consider hiring PPC (pay per click) specialist.

If you are running ads here are some tips to implement on your AdWords or Bing account.

Are you checking for negative keywords?

Negative keywords are keywords that aren’t beneficial toward your plumbing company in terms of adding revenue to it. If you check your dashboard in your AdWords account Google will display the actual search term on how people found you. You will find some interesting search results too.

For example in one case I had a client wanting me to help him manage his Adwords so upon logging into his account I went to check out what terms he was actually spending money on and if he had a negative keyword list built up (which every PPC account should have) I found he was paying for keywords such as free plumber, plumber pictures, how to be a plumber and other keywords that didn’t benefit his business. Keywords like these are what you call negative keywords and despite looking at the keyword their intent is to hire a plumber for problem.

And finally make sure you’re targeting only your city and not anywhere outside of an area you can reach. This will definitely blow out your budget fast.

3) Craigslist is another great traffic source for local plumbers.

The key to craigslist is to have someone posting multiple times a day during the times of day you service. While this is a extremely time-consuming task to do yourself I’d hire someone skilled and it knows how to work craigslist. There is a system that works that allows someone to consistently have their ads posted on top most of the time but I’d leave this to them. I don’t want to spend all day on Craigslist.

Craigslist’ system can filter out multiple post that they feel are abusing the system so don’t expect to post 100 times a day on top every second of the day.

It won’t work this way. Aim toward 5 to 10 posted a day.

And again don’t look into doing this yourself. This is a task that you can easily outsource. Definitely worth a shot and is very cheap to do to constantly have your plumbing business out there for when people are searching for plumber in their area on craigslist.

Here’s another tip when writing your ad on craigslist be specific on standard rates, prices, services and terms in order to filter out bad leads and calls ahead of time.

Many people complain that craigslist leads aren’t any good.

Some have luck some don’t so this can go both ways but there’s only one way to find out for sure in your city and that’s to test it for a few hundred dollars a month having your ad constantly rotating throughout the day can definitely pull in some good leads to cover the cost. Keep track and using a call tracking phone number to help you find out where your leads are coming from. And if your ROI is positive and keep this channel going.

4) Ensure your business looks good on review websites and authoritative websites. Websites such as Angie’s list, the Better Business Bureau or Google reviews are a few but people put a lot of trust into seeing and reading reviews about a company on sites such as these.

When you get your review came up high with tons of positive reviews this will only help you in the long run. do your best to always follow up with customers after a job letting them know if they can leave a positive review on any of these sites.

5) How to use social media to generate new leads in business for plumbing company. It’s setting up Facebook ads and targeting a certain city location is extremely powerful with Facebook.

As with any channel you focus on thought about testing. Facebook has traffic so your goal is to leverage the traffic and turn them into customers. Use social media to build relationships and for brand awareness when locals in the area.

I’d start with Facebook advertising to build up the likes in the areas that you target. Post a few times a week to engage with your potential customers just to get your name and brand out there.

I’ve hoped you have enjoyed this article. I’d love to hear your feedback.  What traffic sources does your plumbing service use online?


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