Steven Cortez Online Marketing for Plumbers

A few years ago a had a friend that quit his job at the plumbing company he was working for it. He was tired of working for someone else finally and decided to start his own. He knew a little of my background when it came to online marketing so he came to me asking for help. He had a few previous clients and did some basic marketing offline but he wanted to grow more with customers. I said “of course, I can help you!”.

Not knowing a thing about marketing online for the plumbing industry I quickly learned the ropes. I leveraged what I already knew when it came to online marketing such as getting traffic, running paid ad and search engine optimization (SEO). Within a year I was able to help his plumbing company reach hundreds of people online each month and keep his phone ringing with dozens of new phone calls from customers finding him online! I was able to help him with his SEO, web design, Google Maps, obtaining reviews, reaching tons of targeted traffic in areas he was servicing. Today his team has grown with more workers and trucks on the road. I’m very proud to be apart of helping him and his company.

A few months later another local plumber contacted me. He own a small plumbing company of around 8 plumbers.  He was looking for someone to help them out with their internet marketing. Mainly there website and generating some additional calls like the other plumber I worked with. I agreed to help. Since learning so much from the first plumbing company I was able to again have success with helping them get more calls, business and leads from new customers! Since then I’ve been successful with helping out more plumbers grow their business online.